Visiting Europe on a Schengen Visa-IV: Insurance Requirements

Travel to Europe can be fascinating, and is easier with the introduction of the Schengen visa. When applying for the visa, one of the requirements is to show the existence of travel medical insurance that fulfils the prerequisites imposed by the visa consulates.

The international travel medical insurance purchased must provide coverage of at least ???30,000 ($45,000) per person. It is important to buy insurance that will cover minor fluctuations in exchange rates. Coverage must also include emergency repatriation to the home country for medical emergencies.

Any insurance claim must be recoverable in the Schengen area, which means that the insurance company must have a presence in at least one of the Schengen countries. Needless to say, the insurance plan must be valid for the entire duration of the proposed stay.

Several plans, including Atlas America Insurance, and Travel Plus Insurance, offer plans tailor-made for Schengen visits. Remember that insurance is an integral part of the Schengen visa process, and is not optional. As with any insurance policy, read the fine print carefully to know what will be covered under the policy. Also double check that the policy satisfies all Schengen visa requirements.