Visiting Europe on a Schengen Visa-III: Documents Needed

After looking at Visiting Europe on a Schengen Visa-I: Valid Countries and Where To Apply, let us now figure out what documents are required (yes, travel insurance is among them) to apply for a Schengen visa.

First, after you have decided the embassy at which you must apply for the Schengen visa, you must apply for the visa at least six weeks in advance of your proposed departure. Some of the common documents required for the Schengen visa are:

  1. Two passport size photographs. Please check the size and other specifications on the Schengen visa application form.
  2. Valid passport, and one copy.
  3. Proof of medical insurance that satisfies the conditions. The travel insurance must meet certain minimum requirements.
  4. Proof of availability of funds for travel in the Schengen area. Different countries have given guidelines for this; but to be safe, $100 a day should cover all countries. Credit card limits are accepted for this purpose.
  5. For non-U.S. citizens living in/traveling from the United States, a valid visa or green card.
  6. Return ticket for the proposed trip.

In addition, Germany requires a form to authenticate all the documents, and Denmark and Iceland require a Supplementary Information form. If you will not apply for the Schengen visa at these consulates, these extra forms are not required (even if they are on your travel itinerary).