Vacations Linked to Good Health

vacations linked to good health

Here’s some news that we’ve probably all suspected to be true for quite some time now – vacations are good for the health. Did we ever think that wasn’t the case? But scientists at the Nuffield Health institute have carried out a study and discovered that taking a break can help to bring your blood pressure down and a vacation can improve your stress levels. Sounds great, right? It proves what people say when we look anxious and stressed – a break will do you good.

In the study 12 lucky people were sent on a vacation in order to be studied by the scientists. The travelers took a break in the summer of 2012 and returned home after their activities in order for the health team to see who they were doing, medically. The scientists wanted to know if that relaxed and refreshed feeling we apparently get when we return home was a myth.

The results from the study showed that the vacationers slept better following their trip. They also had reduced blood pressure levels. The people who went on vacation also saw their stress levels improve, according to the researchers. What’s more, the beneficial effects continued to be felt for a period of at least two weeks after the vacation was over and the participants had returned home.

So, vacations are good for the health and for the soul. If you are planning a trip and you already have health problems, make sure you are physically ready for the trip and your doctor has said it is OK. It is best to arrange for travel medical insurance before you go, whether you have health concerns or not. Travel insurance is the best way to protect yourself and ensure the vacation remains stress-free and happy.