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(EMAILWIRE.COM, May 13, 2009 ) New Delhi, India – RNCOS is offering up to 50% discount on Market Research Report titled Booming Global Obesity Drug Market. This latest research on the obesity market, states that the prevalence of obesity is increasing globally at alarming rates. Obesity drugs market has shown a radical growth in recent times but in contrast, the market for weight loss drugs has failed to match this growth. By 2012, it’s expected that more than two billion people will be overweight and 600 Million will be obese, representing immense opportunities for both the markets.

The market for weight loss drugs is characterized by numerous failures. A number of drugs have failed to get approval, some have been recalled, and those that have entered the market either suffer from serious side effects or have just failed to give the desired weight loss results consumers expected from them. Refusal of healthcare authorities to grant reimbursement to these drugs has also impeded the growth. One of the most recent examples can be taken from Sanofi’s Acomplia; the drug was hailed as multibillion blockbuster before it was launched. But Acomplia, like most of its predecessors, failed to have a sufficient benefit to risk ratio and was taken off the market just two and a half years after its launch.

The future of the obesity drugs market, however, may not be so gloomy. This is because the market has high unmet demand, and any drug that manages to provide a high benefit to risk ratio can easily achieve blockbuster status. Moreover, despite some of its recent failures, the obesity drugs pipeline is rich and a large number of drugs are in phase-III and late phase-II trials. If some of these drugs manage to reach the market and posses a strong efficacy and safety profile, they can quickly become billion-dollar blockbusters.

Country-wise, the US is presently the biggest market for weight loss drugs with around 68% of its population either overweight or obese. The US is followed by the UK and other European countries. In future, emerging economies such as China, Russia, India and Brazil are also expected to become a huge market for weight loss products. With China’s obesity and overweight levels touching 665-670 Million in 2015, the country will emerge as the most potential weight loss market.

Our report gives an extensive and objective analysis on the global market for obesity drugs. It identifies the past and current performance of the market, and outlines the future trends shaping the industry. It comprehensively assesses the performance of drugs, both in the market and in developing stage. Based on various present and future indicators, the report evaluates future outlook and performance of key products in the industry. The research can thus give valuable information to manufacturers/investors planning to foray into the obesity drugs market.

Our report provides forecast on

Global obesity market
Xenical revenue
Meridia revenue
Alli revenue
Global prevalence of obesity
Prevalence of obesity in major developed and emerging markets

Profiling on Key Players

This section gives business overview of the key players, including Roche Holding Ltd, Sanofi-Aventis and Pfizer, who are operating in the global obesity drugs market. It also highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each company.

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