Unemployed and Uninsured, a Potentially Disastrous Combination

Anyone living in or visiting the United States needs to have health insurance. Period. That can be particularly tough to maintain in the current economic scenario, with fluctuating unemployment rates. U.S. health insurance becomes a dream for many.

A recent study shows that more than a third of those worked in a job that provided them with employer-sponsored coverage went without insurance for six or more months after leaving their job. In contrast, the figure was near 5% for those who were working at the end of the survey period.

The study brings into sharp focus the problems in receiving affordable health care in the United States. It also has telling statistics on how the unemployed view insurance. It was also found, not surprisingly, that the younger generation went without insurance for a longer time than older folks.

While it is difficult for those without a job to receive substantial long-term health insurance, it makes sense to at least protect against unexpected illnesses. While the option may, on first glance, seem more expensive than employer-sponsored health insurance (and in some cases, it is), it is the greater problem to remain without insurance, especially when there are several affordable insurance options in the market today.