Trip Cancellation Insurance Protects Your Study Break

When you study in London all the attractions of Europe are on your doorstep. If you’re snowed under with study or have no money for a long break, a weekend or short trip is just the ticket.

Many students in the UK made the most of holiday time to book short trips across Europe but they didn’t consider the weather. This week Heathrow Airport ground to a halt as heavy snow caused transport chaos across the UK. The airport shut down, as did London’s Gatwick airport for a few hours. Once reopened, clearing the backlog of planes created more travel headaches for waiting passengers.

When you’ve planned a short break to fit into your busy schedule you may not be able to fly the next day and you’ll need to cancel your ticket without refund. Without trip cancellation insurance you could end up losing hotel deposits, pre-paid excursions, and the cost of all the non-refundable fun stuff you’ve planned.

Trip cancellation insurance protects your non-refundable trip outlay, meaning you can recoup your losses and plan another short break in the future. You can’t control the weather but you can keep more of your travel money for a rainy – or sunnier – day.