Trip Cancellation Insurance Prevents Financial Disappointment

No one likes to see their well-planned trip cancelled. Add to that the worry of the financial losses related to the cancellation, and the frustration can be overwhelming. Trip cancellation insurance helps offset the financial part of the cancelled trip.

Trip cancellation insurance is especially useful when you book the best deals, which can save you a lot of money. But the fine print contains details that usually include the disclosure that the expenses are not refundable, in case the reservations are not used. Trip cancellation insurance steps in to protect your ‘investments’ in the trip.

Trip cancellation insurance covers the cost of airline tickets, hotel reservations, and even event tickets. It also covers baggage loss or delay, and trip interruption. Plans also provide some accidental death and dismemberment, and medical expenses coverage, for the duration of the travel.

When purchasing trip cancellation insurance, check the covered reasons for cancellation. Plans usually cover cancellations due to death or illness, terrorism, weather, natural disasters, and bankruptcy of the airline or travel agency. Some plans also cover cancellation due to work-related reasons. Check the reasons that are covered under your trip cancellation insurance plan. Now, if only there were an insurance plan to protect against the emotional disappointment of a trip getting cancelled!