Traveling With Disabilities

Traveling with disabilities is entirely possible although you may need to put in some extra work in terms of forward planning and combating problems with access. Certain countries will not have the same provisions in place as others when it comes to accessibility for disabled people. Some preparation before you travel can help you avoid problems at your planned destination and help ensure you enjoy a safe, stress-free trip.

Make sure you have good quality travel health insurance to protect you while you travel. You need to make sure you are equipped with the correct travel insurance for your needs so that if you have an accident or fall ill you can seek medical treatment without worrying about medical bills. This is especially important if you are planning to visit the United States and you are not a US citizen.

Before you go, research your destination. Learn about the country and the places you are going to go in terms of how good access is and the type of services available. Consider the health care provision and also the availability of transport that meets your needs. If you can make transportation plans in advance, do so. Try to make plans for your transport from the airport before you leave so you can be sure you will be able to move on from your flight. When you make reservations for a hotel or for a flight ask for any necessary equipment such as a wheelchair.

Before you go have a health check with your physician. At this time you can ask advice about the types of activities you are preparing to undertake as well as any immunizations you may need. Your doctor can advise you as to how to live healthily abroad and what to do if you fall ill.