Travel with Infant No Child?ÇÖs Play

When your international flight will include an infant, it is time for extra preparation. Before the actual flight, you’ll want to check whether your travel insurance policy will cover your baby as well. Remember that although your baby is dependent on you, she/he is still an individual and will need travel documents.

First things first, try and check in early so that you can have your choice of seats available. Some airlines have bassinets for use, but not all do. Check with your airline beforehand about baggage allowance for your baby and whether you can bring your stroller onboard.

For the travel, try and make the baby as comfortable as possible. Schedule the flight around the baby’s sleep time, if possible. If you do not get the aisle seat, try and switch with another passenger, because your baby might want you to walk up and down the aisle.

Traveling with baby can be stressful, especially when traveling to destinations far away from home. Ensure that your baby’s shots are up-to-date, and that your baby is covered under your travel medical insurance plan.