Travel Insurance Offers More Than Medical Coverage!

A visit to Africa can be extremely exciting. Africa is no longer the ‘Dark Continent’ and tourism is one of the major earners for some of the countries there. However, there are also some places that are extremely dangerous. While help is required, your travel medical insurance can also jump in to help!

While a travel insurance policy deals mostly with medical treatment when traveling, there are several other benefits too. Inpatient and outpatient care, including emergency medical services are covered by the plan, and pre-existing conditions are generally excluded.

However, some of the additional travel assistance features include lost passport services, and assistance in case of lost or delayed baggage. Some visitors medical insurance plans will offer benefits in case of a crime that results in loss of documents or money.

In case you are a victim of a crime when abroad, check with the locals and notify the police immediately. Call your credit card companies in case you lost your credit cards too. Call your insurance company as well, and ask for travel assistance services. Your travel insurance policy can do much more than pay your medical bills.