Travel Insurance: Five Reasons You Might Need It

Travel is a risky business. Jetting off to foreign shores brings excitement, relaxation and fun but may also cause you problems. Many people don’t buy travel medical insurance, thinking that nothing will go wrong. But a vacation without travel insurance is a big risk. Read on – you never know when you might need it.

You arrive at your destination in the middle of the night and your bag with your prescription medicine in it is lost. Who will help you with filling an emergency prescription in a strange city and compensate you for the cost?

You have a car accident and are badly injured. The standard of medical care in the local town is not good enough. Who will pay for emergency evacuation to a larger city with better medical facilities? And what if you need emergency dental treatment after chipping a tooth?

You arrive at the airport but your flight has been cancelled. Who will help arrange a night’s stay in a hotel, and pay for your non-refundable tour deposit? When your passport, wallet, credit cards and cash are stolen, who will help you find money to pay for the rest of your stay? These and other reasons are why you need travel insurance.