Travel Insurance Coverage Amount

People have to travel for business as well as for vacation. However, one gets exposed to a lot of risks while traveling. Accidents happen unexpectedly, and therefore you will never be able to anticipate it. This is the reason for which travel health insurance is of great importance. It provides high service excellence, and international coverage besides offering you value for your money.

It is always advisable that you keep yourself protected instead of crying later over split milk. Spending on your international travel insurance might seem like an added financial burden. But consider this fact that when you have secured your future against unexpected losses you will be able to enjoy your travel a lot better.

Have you ever thought how much can be your hospital bill if get admitted for one night? Over $2500!! Have you ever considered how much a heart surgery can cost you? Over $100,000!!Don’t you think it is much better to invest in a medical insurance instead?

Travel insurance covers you against ambulance cost, personal accident, hospitalization, loss of passport or baggage, and many such mishaps. You can benefit from your traveler’s medical insurance only in case of medical emergencies. Therefore always try to secure a policy which gives you maximum cover.

The amount of medical coverage allowed by the travel insurance companies varies widely. While young people are allowed policies which are nearly of $500,000, older people are generally allowed to purchase policies ranging between $50,000 and $100,000. Most of the insurance companies offer a comparison tool especially designed for the older people. The advantage of this tool is that you will be able to pick the best buy.

Some medical insurance for travel give fixed benefit and do not cover all your expenses. With each type of policy you will face some kind of limitation. Suppose you have purchased a policy of $100K, then you will get a maximum cover of about $20K, for a personal accident. However, for a mere dental expense your policy of $100K will provide you a cover of $500. The exact coverage varies from company to company. Any expense that you incur above the ceiling has to be borne by yourself.

It is important to know that for certain expenses there are a deductible which is levied. The deductible is basically a fixed amount which is pre-determined by an agreement between yourself and your international travel insurance company at the time of purchasing the policy. You will have to pay this amount towards your medical expenses before your travel insurance company starts covering you. Generally the lower the premium amount the higher is the deductible you have to pay.

Travel insurance covers losses other than medical expenses. The travel insurance company will also provide you coverage against repatriation costs, loss of personal belongings, medical evacuation, etc. Isn’t it really a wise decision to secure yourself against such unforeseen financial expenses?