Travel Insurance Claims and Alcohol Consumption

Be careful if you overindulge when you are on vacation because being under the influence of alcohol could invalidate your international travel insurance. When we take out travel insurance for our vacation we often don’t think about how we can help protect ourselves from accidents and illnesses. Most of the time, when we claim on our travel insurance for medical treatment, the reason is beyond our control. But sometimes we do things that knowingly endanger our health – something an insurance policy may not cover.

For example, if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you fall from a balcony then the cost of your hospital treatment may be all down to you. In the same way, driving a moped or rental car when drunk will invalidate your insurance.

Every insurance policy is different and most don’t require you to abstain from alcohol entirely while on vacation. However, if your judgment is severely compromised by high levels of alcohol and you fall sick or are injured you could have problems claiming money on your policy. If you are unsure, contact your insurer directly or read the small print to see what the policy of your insurer is.

Don’t be that person who finds they don’t have the right kind of travel insurance, or their travel insurance was invalidated, after an accident. Sometimes riding mopeds or bikes is not covered, and often being drunk is a reason for the insurer to withdraw coverage. Check your insurance policy before you go to make sure you understand what is covered and what is not. And take care not to put yourself under any unnecessary risks when on vacation. You may be feeling more relaxed but if you let your guard down too much you could find yourself in trouble.