Tourists Insurance – Visit USA

If you thought that your medical insurance would cover you during your trip to the USA then you are wrong! In USA, most of the hospitals will not acknowledge a foreign medical insurance. The result will obviously be a big hole in your pocket in case you meet with a medical emergency. So what is the key to this problem? Visit USA insurance!

Visit USA medical insurance can be purchased by any individual visiting the USA. The purpose may be professional, academic, or it might simply be pleasure. You are eligible to apply as soon as you set out for the trip to the US.

There are two plans, which are offered by Visit USA insurance – plan A and plan B. In plan A, the coverage provided per injury is $50,000. In case of plan B, the coverage is $1, 00,000. However, under both these plans the amount of coverage shrinks down to $10,000 if the applicant is above 80 years of age.

This tourist insurance offers you a range of three deductibles. You can choose a deductible either of $250, $500, or $1,000. Once you pay the deductible, Visit USA tourist’s insurance will pay 80% of all your medical expenses up to a limit of $5000. This tourist health insurance does not just cover the individual insurance holder but also the family and dependents of the insurance holder.

The insurance is valid for a maximum period of 12 months and for a minimum duration of 15 days. The plan can’t be renewed after the purchase. However, it can be purchased once again for a renewed coverage.

Visit USA insurance provides coverage for accidental death. In case of loss of members, too coverage is provided. Only hands, legs, and eyes are considered as members. The highest amount of dismemberment is provided if it is a case of multiple dismemberments. If death or dismemberment occurs due to an attempt to suicide then no claims are entertained by tourist insurance.

Tourists with pre-contracted medical conditions are not eligible for tourist medical insurance. The same is applicable for pregnancy, drug misuse, and cosmetic surgery. Dental expenses other than those incurred due to accidents will also not be covered. No claims of coverage will be entertained if the policy holder meets with an accident while taking part in hazardous sports such a scuba diving, mountaineering, skiing etc.

Irrespective of the purpose behind traveling to the USA, Visit USA tourist insurance will make your trip safe and enjoyable.