Tobacco tax funds for Children’s Health Insurance

The Obama administration is considering a huge increase in Tobacco taxes to promote tobacco control initiatives and hence work towards public welfare. The funds that are obtained by this increase in tax would be used for the uninsured children from the low income strata of the society who are in dire need of US health insurance.

This decision has been welcomed by various organizations who deal with health care and child welfare as the extra funds would be diverted for a much needed cause of a healthier future generation. This initiative would also ensure that children???s health coverage would increase where the deserved would get medical assistance while they are in need. In addition, this would also promote the idea of curbing smoking by the public.

The additional funds are expected to take care of about 4 million children who might otherwise not have enjoyed such benefit. In addition, the general health and fitness of these children is expected to increase.

It is also found that the huge price of tobacco product would also curb youngsters smoking habit instead of helping them to shift to less expensive products. In addition, people dying of lung cancer and other hazards related to smoking would reduce to a great extent.