Tips to follow before you quit the job

If you can, plan well ahead before leaving your current job so that you would have adequate time to switch your health insurance plan to a more affordable alternative.

  • If you switch before leaving your job, you are entitled to continue your health insurance coverage under COBRA at a more affordable premium for about 2 months
  • If you do not find an appropriate self employed insurance option within the time frame where you are entitled for COBRA, your new health insurance plan application may be rejected or you may not be covered for your pre-existing conditions for a pre-defined waiting period
  • If you are married, try enrolling in a group insurance plan in your spouse’s company. Do adequate homework for finding an affordable health insurance coverage where you can get free quotes from different insurance providers
  • Talk to an experienced health insurance agent if you are looking for any specific coverage
    Perform research on the insurance provider regarding the user feedback on fastness in processing claims