The Problem of Air Rage

Air rage is an all-too-common experience on some flights today. The stress of a long flight, exhaustion and irritation can make some people violent towards cabin crew and other passengers. Why does air rage happen?

Air rage is psychological or physical violence towards flight attendants or other passengers on the flight. Air rage can be brought on by many factors. The passenger in question may have been frustrated by delays and missed connecting flights, or exhausted due to lack of sleep. Sometimes the behavior of other passengers can push an angry person over the edge. In other cases, the passenger is under the influence of alcohol.

Sometimes cabin crew are afraid for their safety or that of the passengers and must land somewhere other than the intended destination. In these cases, the offenders are usually charged with a civil or criminal offence.

If your flight has to land in another location, or you are delayed and miss connecting flights, travel medical insurance can help you pick up the pieces. Make sure your travel and trip cancellation insurance is up to date and can cover you for inconveniences caused by situations like air rage, which are out of your control.