The More, the Merrier: Group Study Abroad Insurance

When groups of students travel abroad for study, student administrators have a lot on their plates. Students are generally so excited at the prospect of studying abroad, and busy getting settled in, that they cannot be expected to purchase proper foreign student insurance.

Many times, countries need foreign students to show proof of adequate coverage, including repatriation of remains. Group student insurance ensures that all students meet insurance requirements of the host country. Many plans, such as Student Health Advantage Insurance, also offers maternity coverage after 10 months.

There are international student group insurance plans for up to 24 months, and they offer typical short term medical insurance benefits such as sudden medical expenses inpatient and outpatient care, surgery, prescriptions, and diagnostics, to name a few?Çöand also repatriation of remains. Administrators can easily track and update the roster of students once the group plan is set up.