The Long Arm of Short-Term Insurance

The list of beneficiaries of short-term health insurance plans is quite long! Short-term insurance is not meant for travel; it can be used by people in different situations in life. The typical characteristics of a short-term insurance plan are the exclusion of maternity, eye, dental, and routine medical care. When options and benefits are added to the basic short-term insurance plan, its different avatars result.

When trip benefits are added to the bare bones short-term plan, the resulting plan resembles an international travel insurance plan. Most international travel insurance plans also offer emergency evacuation benefits. Travel insurance whose duration is taken as total number of days outside the country, instead of in terms of trips, it becomes annual multi-trip insurance.

Short-term health insurance that works internationally, along with some benefits added for mental health care closely resembles missionary insurance plans. Marine and yacht crew insurance also comes in short-term and long-term varieties.

There are a large number of people who benefit from short-term health insurance plans. Some of them include students who have graduated and yet to find a job (OPT insurance), people in between jobs, and youth whose parents??? insurance plan does not cover them anymore. Short-term insurance plans are also very useful for retirees under 65, who are waiting for Medicare coverage to begin.