The Fine Art of Reading the Fine Print-V: Procedures

For making claims under visitor???s medical insurance, one should carefully follow the procedures listed in the document. All medical procedures must be pre-certified by the insurance company. In case of emergencies this can be done within 48 hours of admission, or the medical procedure. Pre-certification can be done online or through a phone call. Let???s look at how medical care insurance works with IMG???s Visitors Care plan.

Some policies allow the insured to visit any medical practitioner, while others have their own provider network. Doctors under the provider network charge a standard fee, whereas other doctors may charge more. In this case, the insured will have to bear the excess fee. You can get the list of doctors from the toll free number of the insurance company.

The insured has to show his insurance card at the hospital billing section. After verifying the details with the insurance company, the hospital asks the insured to pay the deductible. The remaining bills will be settled directly by the insurance company.

Here again, if the hospital is not within the provider network, the insured will have to pay the bill upfront and settle later with the insurance company, This might put the insured into a lot of hardship later. Also remember that acceptance of the insurance card does not imply that all your expenses have been verified and approved.