Prompt Visitor Insurance Claims Settlement, Excellent Guidance & Honest Service

– Sheetal .

Our experience with the visitor insurance plan purchased on International Services, Inc., website has been superb!

We bought an insurance plan offered by you on International Services, Inc., website to cover my parents’ US visit (beginning in the winter of 2004 and lasting through the spring of 2005). Some of the things that really stood out and contributed to the positive experience were:

1.Excellent customer service and guidance in selecting an appropriate plan
2.Hassle free claim filing and settlement

My parents had a last-minute change in travel plans and you readily adjusted the coverage period to accommodate the new travel dates.

During the visit my mother fell ill and she obtained medical services (physician visits, tests, prescription drugs etc.) amounting to
about $1,000. I followed the process for filing claims and claims were settled within 3 weeks. The plan reimbursed me as per the plan terms!

In short, I strongly recommend the insurance plans offered by International Services to all my friends.