Student Travel Insurance Benefits

When you are studying in the United States at college or university money is often tight. That’s why student travel insurance can help by offering a budget travel insurance option for your vacations and study abroad trips. The cost isn’t the only benefit to a special student travel insurance policy.

Student travel insurance covers you for medical expenses, medical evacuation and accidental death & dismemberment whether your trip is for spring break, an educational retreat, a class trip or a vacation. Travel insurance for students is an economical way of paying for this essential coverage.

Most student insurance policies require you to be less than 25 or 29 years old, although policies vary. Some policies are only for US or Canadian citizens.

Travel insurance for students also helps protect the investment you make in a trip should you be forced to cancel your plans through sickness or injury. The trip cancellation part of the policy allows you to claim for non-refundable deposits and payments.