Student Health Insurance Need Not Recede with Economy

The current economic scenario is making everyone think twice about every dollar they spend. Students, especially, have a tougher time taking bold decisions. For one, the job scenario is so fluid that an offer letter is no guarantee anymore. In the melee, it’s important that their student health insurance is not lost.

Graduates who have no job or dependable insurance need not add to the nearly 15% of the population who are uninsured. There are affordable basic short-term health insurance plans that can help tide the graduate over until he/she can get full coverage. First, check with your current insurance whether you are still eligible for coverage. Some student health insurance plans extend coverage for a few months after graduation.

Usually, these short-term health insurance plans cover sudden illnesses and accidents, and do not cover dental, vision, immunizations, and preventive care. But they are more than sufficient as a stop-gap arrangement until regular long-term insurance becomes valid.

Remember that these plans are priced keeping in mind their duration. If you think you’ll need insurance for more than a year, consider buying long-term health insurance, which covers a whole lot more, at attractive premiums.