Show Me the Money: Insurance Payment Details

Seeing the money when you have to make an insurance claim can be confusing if you are not informed about how to make claims. It also helps to know how visitors medical insurance and other claims are processed.

The first thing that you must do when you want to claim is file a notice of claim. This simply means calling up the insurance company and telling them what the coverage loss was under (for example, medical expenses). For travel insurance, you must also be ready with the name of the tour organizer, the dates of the tour and the amount paid for the insurance. You will get a claim form which should be filled and posted to the address that is provided.

The form must be submitted within a specific number of days of the incident. All supporting documents must be submitted, along with a clear and complete claim form and proof of loss, if any. A proof of loss is a written proof of the occurrence, which could be a doctor’s certificate, medical record, or a police report.

Once the insurance company receives the claim form, it is processed. You might be required to furnish additional details or supporting documents. For medical emergencies and transportation services, the amounts are sometimes paid directly to the providers of the services. The provider of the services should not be paid by any other source if the insured person has availed of the services. Remember that even if your claim is rejected, you can still contact the company to strengthen your case and request another look at your claim.