Serious Accidents and Illness Abroad

Losing a friend or relative is extremely hard. Losing a loved one while they are travelling abroad is even harder. According to the U.S. State Department, over 6,000 Americans die overseas each year. How can the U.S. State Department help? How can Medical evacuation insurance assist?

With medical evacuation insurance you will be able to evacuate a seriously ill relative to medical facilities abroad, or bring them home to be treated in the US. If the worst happens, medical repatriation insurance assists you with returning the person’s remains to their home country.

US consular offices abroad can also assist in giving notification to the next-of-kin, confirming the identity of the person and providing information about how to deal with the legal process abroad. They cannot, however, pay for any of these processes.

If you are in the unfortunate position of wondering whether to book a vacation knowing that a relative or friend is ill, trip cancellation insurance can help. Should your relative’s illness force you to cancel your trip you can claim back any non-refundable costs from your booking.