Secure Your Dreams with Immigrant Insurance Plan

Immigrant health insurance plans are geared toward legal immigrants to the United States. Some plans, such as the ImmigrantSecure plan by Lloyd’s of London, are fixed benefit plans. ImmigrantSecure, like most health insurance plans for immigrants, covers hospitalization, outpatient care, ambulance services, prescription drugs, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, and AD&D.

ImmigrantSecure offers four plans with different levels of coverage and deductibles. Those who are 80 or older must choose Plan A ($10,000 policy maximum for the age group). Those who are between 70-79 years of age can choose between Plan A ($25,000 maximum) and Plan B ($50,000 maximum). Those who are 69 and younger can choose among four plans with varying maximum coverage amounts.

Coverage varies by the plan chosen, and since the plan is a fixed benefit plan, limits are set for each type of treatment received. Immigrant Secure has a pre-existing condition look-back period of six months for those under 70 years of age, and 12 months for those who are 70 and older.

Pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, dental care (unless as a result of an accident), and home nursing care are not covered by the ImmigrantSecure plan. However, the plan does not use a PPO network and cashless settlement may not be possible at the time of treatment. However, this also means that a plan holder can avail of treatment from any hospital or physician.