Short term Secure 12×3 STM Insurance

No one should be without health insurance. If you are self employed, a part-time or temporary worker, an early retiree, or just between jobs, Secure 12×3 STM can provide you with short term medical coverage and peace of mind.

Secure 12×3 STM provides a Policy Maximum of $750,000 per Insured Person Per Coverage period

$500, $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000 per Coverage Period. Maximum of 3 deductibles per family.

The plan will pay for 50% or 80% of eligible expenses after the deductible up to $10,000, then 100% of eligible expenses up to the Policy Maximum.

The plan is available in annual increments and is renewable for up to 36 months.

An optional Supplemental Accident Benefit is available that covers $500 of covered expenses caused by accidental injury before the deductible and coinsurance is applied.

Secure 12×3 STM is an annual medical plan renewable for up to three consecutive years of coverage.

Secure 12×3 STM is underwritten by Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York.

Secure 12×3 STM is administered by Health Plan Administrators, Inc.


Secure 12×3 STM is offered to members and their spouses under the age of 65 and their dependent children under the age of 19, or under the age of 25 if a full-time student.

Plan Benefits

Secure 12×3 STM offers a broad range of benefits including:

  • A maximum $750,000 of covered expenses per Insured Person per Coverage Period after satisfying the deductible and co insurance;
  • Doctor Visits; $25 per visit for up to four office.
  • Up to $1,000 per day for In-Hospital care or Outpatient Hospital Surgery & Ambulatory Surgical Center charges;
  • Up to $500 per day for Out-Patient Emergency Room visits;
  • Up to $500 per stay for In-Hospital Doctors’ visits;
  • Coverage subject to deductibles for Mammography, Pap Smears, and Screens; and,
  • PPO, LabOne Select, Rx Drug Card, and Communicating for America memberships for discounts.
  • Renewal: The plan can be renewed annually up to three consecutive years of coverage. You must re-apply within 30 days prior to the termination date of your coverage. Pre-existing conditions limitation will not apply to any condition(s) that were covered during a prior Coverage Period.
  • Cancellation and termination: Full refund is available if the Certificate of Insurance is returned within 10 days. Coverage ends when: the premium is not paid when due; you cease being a member of the association; you enter full-time active duty in the Armed Forces; you become eligible for Medicare; the elected Coverage Period expires; the Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York determines that fraud or misrepresentation has been made in filing a claim for benefits; or a dependent ceases to be eligible.

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