Say Cheese for Dental Insurance

When Maria Gomez visited the US on a student visa, she had international student medical insurance, but her dental benefits were limited to damage to sound natural teeth. She looked around for a good and affordable USA dental insurance plan, which can come in very handy for those who are beset by frequent dental problems.

USA Dental Insurance plans can offer a wide choice of benefits in the form of different plans. For instance, the Secure DentalOne plan offers three plan designs: Basic, Classic and Premier, for different levels of coverage.

With the basic plan, you need to pick a dentist from within the network, but you have the freedom to choose your dentist with the other two plans. All plans pay a percentage of covered expenses, which depends on the plan design chosen.

The USA dental insurance plan also covers orthodontics, and features a $100 lifetime deductible. Plan benefits increase every year if the plan holder continues with the plan. The Basic plan covers only preventive care, and is the least expensive of the three options. For quick dental insurance for those who need insurance in a pinch, Secure DentalOne might work well.