Save on Emergency Room Costs with Visitors Insurance

If you are traveling internationally for a short period of time, you may rationalize that you do not need to purchase visitors insurance because you will not be there long enough to need to make any wellness trips to the doctor. However, have you considered how you might pay for emergency room care? Injury and illness can strike at any time, and it’s important to be prepared for that possibility financially. To avoid the high costs of emergency room coverage, you will want to be equipped with a visitors insurance plan.

According to, the average cost of an emergency room visit is $1,000! Do you have an extra $1,000 in your vacation budget to spend on this unforeseen expense? The answer is likely no.

And bear in mind that is only the average cost. If you have a severe issue that leads to surgery or a longer hospital stay, that number could increase rapidly. There is definitely a trade-off for the convenience of emergency room care, and that trade-off is high medical care fees.

Visitors insurance helps you manage that cost, absorbing the bulk of it and leaving you to pay only a fraction of it. You should always explore every possible alternative to making an emergency room trip, but just in case you have to go you should always be prepared with a visitors policy.