Safe Travel to Festivals Abroad

Summer’s around the corner and thoughts turn to outdoor festivals – music, food, dancing and socializing under the sun. And when you want to travel further afield for your festival fix, head to Europe, Canada, South America and many other destinations that now feature summer festivals. How can you make sure your festival trip is safe and fun?

Buy travel medical insurance that fully protects you when you travel abroad. Your domestic health insurance probably won’t help you in Spain, or Montreal. Consider a plan including trip cancellation insurance in case you are unable to fly and lose the money you paid for tickets, or have to miss a day of the festival.

Leave your valuables in a safe place, or better still, at home. When you’re camping or staying in budget accommodation large amounts of cash and expensive possessions are unnecessary and difficult to protect. Be careful of pickpockets or bag snatchers at the festival itself.

Don’t get involved in drugs when you’re abroad. The atmosphere may be relaxed and happy but penalties are severe. Take it easy with alcohol, particularly if the weather is hot. Look after your health for a fun, trouble-free festival.