Rise in Travel Insurance Complaints

rise in travel insurance complaints

A rise in the number of people who complain about the travel insurance they buy has prompted experts to warn that everyone should check carefully exactly what coverage their policy provides, to avoid any nasty surprises during or after vacation. Most of the complaints were not upheld because the travel insurance policy wording was clear and customers were not misled. Travel insurance insiders say that many people are unclear about what their policy actually covers, and the restrictions put in place.

In particular, certain ‘free’ insurance packages that come with credit card renewals or with a bank offer are not as much of a bargain as you may think. Many travelers believe they are well covered but find out too late that their international travel insurance package is not as comprehensive as they thought.

Travelers should make sure they have sufficient cover for the length of time they will be away, and for their destination. For example, travel to the United States is usually more expensive to insurance but health insurance is essential here. If anything is unclear, ask the insurer for advice and check to see that you understand.

Only buy travel insurance from an established, professional and good quality insurer. Be wary of free deals because you may be left without cover in essential areas, and be careful to check the policy wording before you buy, especially if you have specific insurance needs such as cover for winter sports or pre-existing medical conditions. One common activity that is not always covered on travel insurance policies is riding a scooter – and in certain countries scooter riding is a high-risk activity. Most legitimate travel insurance claims are paid out in full, which is why travelers should not avoid buying it, but should shop around for the best policy for their needs.