Remember Travel Insurance to Save Your Memories

Imagine this: You are absolutely thrilled to be in a foreign country, taking in all the sights and sounds of the new place. You’re looking forward to the envious looks from your friends and family when they see your awesome photos. But what if your camera got stolen? Your travel insurance policy plan will not be able to help, will it?

Matter of fact, it can! Most international travel and trip insurance plans feature some coverage for lost or stolen items. With digital cameras on the person of almost all travelers, a loss can put you back by a few hundred dollars. Your travel insurance or trip cancellation insurance policy may be able to cover part of that expense.

Two things to remember, though: One, the camera will probably not be insured for its current list price, but for the market rate for a used camera. Two, many policies will not cover ‘at-fault’claims, that is, you might not be covered if you forget to lock your car and your camera gets stolen, for example.

Also, a quick tip is to check and see how your homeowners insurance plays out before purchasing insurance for your belongings. Some homeowners insurance plans will cover your property, but most of them are void when you are abroad. Another tip: Don’t forget to smile in those pictures!