Visitor health insurance is a short term insurance policy that is taken out by people who travel to the USA or other countries that are covered by a particular health insurer. This insurance scheme can cover as little as five days and it takes care of a large number of health related issues that may afflict the person while he or she is in a foreign country. Often, the scheme is taken by people who are on temporary travel outside their country of residence.

Visitor health insurance offers a preferred alternative to the otherwise more expensive health care options that the host country provides. As such, you get to be given the same quality of medical care you would have received in your home country. The policy is normally popular with people coming from India, China, the UK and Australia. It is especially popular among the foreigners from these countries who would like to have some of their family members fly into the USA.

The cost of this scheme usually varies depending on the number of care modules that are to be covered. Care modules refer to the segments of health care that are offered by the insurer. For instance, a scheme that covers intensive care and in patient care often costs a little more compared to the scheme that covers only the outpatient care services.

Reasons for purchasing visitor health insurance

Visitor health insurance is often touted as one of the safe bets for people travelling to the USA and Canada. In fact, tour operators in some cases require that travelers from particular parts of the world. This helps reduce the financial strain that comes with medical care. In addition, since most of the European countries often have more expensive health care schemes, visitor health insurance helps you cope appropriately.