Pre-existing medical conditions checklist

Every individual seeking visitor medical insurance should read the pre-existing medical conditions exclusion of the plan document very carefully. Those who have health disorders or have suffered injuries should pay special attention to the insurance plan exclusions.

The following are a few tips for pre-existing medical conditions while one is considering a suitable visitors health insurance plan.

  • In case more than one person is traveling, every traveler needs to be insured under a health insurance plan for the coverage. Travelers whose names are not mentioned in the policy document would not be covered for any claims at a later date
  • In the case of group or family insurance, the pre-existing medical conditions of every member insured as a part of the health insurance plan should be declared
  • Regular medications for cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure are also considered as pre-existing medical conditions and should be declared in the enrolment form
  • If the insured is under review for any medical complication, it needs to be mentioned in the application form irrespective of whether the medication has been started or not
  • The insured should declare any injuries or accidents in the last 1 year
  • Pregnant women should necessarily check the exclusions conditions as some health insurance plans clearly mention that these individuals are not covered for claims during last few weeks of pregnancy.