Play Safe with Sports Travel Insurance

play safe with sports travel insurance

Are you a hiker, biker, bungee jumper or diver? Are you traveling abroad to raft on rivers, climb mountains or canoe on lakes? Traveling abroad to take part in sports and extreme sports can be a lot of fun. Increasing numbers or travelers are discovering the adrenalin thrills of extreme sports of vacations and for many people a vacation wouldn’t be complete without some sports action. But if you are taking part in sports and activities abroad have you considered whether you are covered for medical treatment and medical emergencies?

Many travel insurance plans cover you for everyday activities but exclude coverage for what they see as high risk sports. Sports travel insurance helps make sure you are properly covered for active vacation pursuits. Sports travel insurance offers you peace of mind that you are covered if you need medical help abroad.

Many sports people and athletes that travel abroad to take part in events and competitions suffer accidents and can be faced with huge medical bills if they are not insured. Regular vacationers may suffer an accident when taking part in sports activities and also face high medical treatment costs. You may be injured when hiking, or suffer illness when scuba diving. If you are a skier, the risk of injury on the slopes is high. Specialist sports coverage provides cover for medical expenses as well as medical and travel assistance.

Coverage for sports and extreme sports is usually offered for a period of between 30 days and six months, in countries outside of your home country. Depending on the chosen plan, covered activities include bungee jumping, hang gliding, caving, kayaking, mountain biking, scuba diving, rafting, and hot air ballooning. Other plans include coverage for jet skiing, winter skiing, surfing, paragliding and inline skating. You can also choose an Athlete plan that covers injuries associated with participation in amateur or club events like swimming, softball, golf, cross country and track.