Patriot Trip Elite Insurance – cancellation coverage

Patriot TRIP Elite insurance offers superior protection for your next vacation. The plan offers trip cancellation insurance that covers you for many of those unforeseen circumstances that could force the cancellation of your trip.


Patriot TRIP Elite provides up to $30,000 of trip cancellation/interruption. Medical expenses are covered up to $50,000 insurance.
Patriot TRIP Elite has $0 deductible.
100% is covered.
All options are included in the basic plan.
Coverage begins upon Application receipt and ends upon arrival at the return destination
Patriot TRIP Elite Insurance is underwritten by Sirius America Insurance Company of N.Y., N.Y., and NOVA Casualty Company of Buffalo, N.Y.
Patriot TRIP Elite Insurance is administered by the International Medical Group, Inc. (IMG?«)

A ‘covered trip’ is any travel to a destination more than 120 miles from the starting point of the covered trip and not exceeding 62 consecutive days. Patriot T.R.I.P. Elite requires a minimum trip cost of $500.00 per traveler.

Trip cancellation coverage begins at 12:01am on the date of receipt of the application. The remainder of coverages will begin on the departure date.

Coverage will end on the earliest of:

  • Arrival at the return destination;
  • The return date;
  • The end of the coverage term as indicated on the certificate; or,
  • The cancellation of the covered trip.
Plan Benefits

Patriot TRIP Elite provides the following benefits and services:

  • Trip cancellation protection up to $30,000;
  • Travel Delay coverage up to $1000;
  • Coverage for damage, theft, or loss of Baggage and Personal Possessions up to $2,000;
  • Baggage Delay expenses up to $500;
  • Emergency Medical/Dental Expenses up to $50,000;
  • Emergency Reunion or return of Mortal Remains up to $5,000;
  • Common Carrier Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage up to $100,000 for US Residents; and,
  • Membership in the National Small Business Travel and Health Association for non-insurance emergency travel assistance services and travel information
  • Cancellation: Patriot TRIP Elite insurance can be cancelled for a full refund if the certificate is returned within 10 days of receipt provided that you have not departed on your trip or filed a claim.
    Premiums are calculated based on the cost of the trip and the age of the applicant and accompanying travelers.
    The pre-existing condition exclusion is waived if you are under the age of 70 and coverage is purchased within 14 days from the date your initial deposit for the covered trip was paid to the travel supplier, and all insureds are medically able to travel on the date that coverage is purchased.

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