Passenger Confidence Soars with Flight Insurance

The news of the accident involving an international flight to India has once again made passengers wary of air travel, and spiked the purchase of flight accident insurance plans. While the reasons for the crash are still unclear and the families of the victims are coming to terms with the loss, questions are being raised about how safe air travel really is. More people are looking to purchase flight insurance to calm their nerves about air travel.

Flight insurance usually comes in two types: pure flight insurance, which offers coverage for loss of life, limbs or sight as a result of a flight accident; and bundled flight insurance, which includes travel medical insurance, and trip interruption or cancellation insurance.

Pure flight insurance is typically valid for the entire trip, and is only valid for the duration of a flight. When the plan holder deplanes, the insurance automatically ceases to offer coverage. Pure flight insurance plans can offer coverage for as low as $10 for $100,000 of coverage.

While flight insurance is not considered a necessity, it is one of the ways in which a traveler can ensure that his/her family is taken care of for every eventuality. Typically, whenever there are accidents, the incidence of flight insurance purchase increases.