Pack Your Visitor Insurance Before Travel

Flights from different parts of the world are full of vacationers this time of the year. Baggage is packed with homemade delicacies and other ‘authentic’ stuff from home, as international travelers travel around the world, often visiting relatives abroad. One thing many people fail to pack is visitors health insurance.

This is a popular season for traveling to the U.S. from India. Many visitors travel around the country, but fail to realize that a single medical incident can wipe out their savings, or that of their near and dear. The healthcare system in the U.S. is very different from that in India.

Even if the visitor is healthy, let’s say he/she suffers a minor fracture. Just diagnosing the fracture can go up to hundreds of dollars, not to mention the treatment and the cast. Along with those factored in, the cost can easily run into thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of the fracture.

Clearly, the fracture cannot be left uncured until the time the visitor returns home. Purchasing visitor medical insurance can take care of the expenses of most unplanned medical issues, unless the condition was pre-existing. It is not just for the visitor, but for the peace of mind of the host that visitors health insurance is a good idea.