OPT Insurance Protects Students During Training

Thanks to unprecedented economic difficulties around the world, job markets are more competitive than ever. So for international students hoping to land jobs in the U.S., OPT programs are more valuable than ever. For students fortunate enough to land these opportunities, OPT health insurance is an essential purchase.

Students graduating college no longer find themselves competing only against other recent graduates for jobs. Since so many people around the world have lost their jobs over the past few years, experience professionals are often looking at entry-level jobs. So students are strongly encouraged to get internships during school. International students may find OPT, or optional practical training programs, to be especially valuable. These programs offer international students a chance to stay in the U.S. While getting hands-on experience at a company. So they can develop valuable professional skills at a real employer while continuing to assimilate themselves into the U.S. culture.

One potential problem with this lies in the need for insurance. Often these students have been relying on university-sponsored international student health insurance policies to cover their medical care needs. But upon graduation, these students will no longer be eligible for these programs. So graduates enrolled in OPT will need a new option to continue their coverage.

OPT health insurance is designed specifically for these students. It is low cost, which is important because recent graduates obviously do not have much in the way of extra income. Plans are comprehensive, covering prescriptions, hospitalization, doctor’s visits, emergency services, and much more. It provides an affordable way for students getting the training they need to compete in the U.S. job market essential medical care.