OPT Insurance Best Option for Safe Training Period

If you’re an international student looking at graduating and enjoying your Optional Practical Training period, remember that to enjoy life on OPT, you need to ensure your peace of mind by purchasing adequate OPT health insurance.

Once you graduate, you will not be a full-time student and your health insurance will also likely expire. That is in case you purchased international student health insurance through your college or university. If you purchased student health insurance from outside, you might still be eligible to continue coverage, or easily switch over to a different plan. Check that with your insurance provider.

Since having OPT insurance is not mandatory (yet) you might not want to purchase it. But the OPT period is one of the most critical periods in life, when you’re trying to find your footing. OPT insurance plans are among the most affordable, often for less than the price of a coffee a day.

Typically, OPT insurance plans offer short term benefits that cover sudden illnesses and injuries. That includes hospitalization, diagnostics, and some prescription medicines. Some plans also offer AD&D and repatriation of remains benefits.