Press Release Launches Revamped Website to Enhance User Experience

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Glen Allen, VA, July 15, 2022: has launched a new website for a better user experience. has recently rolled out a revamped website to engage more users.  Based in Virginia, the company offers affordable insurance plans to visitors, international students, missionaries, crew, group employees, au-pairs, and more. Established in 2003, has made its way to become one of the reputable insurance agencies in the US.

The newly upgraded site provides comprehensive information that includes all details related to insurance plans, insurance providers, PPO networks, ID cards, policies, renewals, how to submit claims and more.

The website gives quick access to insurance plans, enabling the users to find a reliable plan immediately. The plans are listed in distinct sections, including the plans for visitors, non-residents, students, groups, J1 visas, nannies, evacuation, disability, term life, and more. .

The site permits users to input values and get an instant quote. The site also has plan sections with various comprehensive plans that will directly take the audience to the plan page, The eligibility, plan details, and plan benefits are mentioned, giving a clear idea to the purchasers of what they are buying. The brochure is easy to download. While the ‘review plan’ option takes you to the policy page, the ‘buy now’ option redirects you to the provider page. Overall, it has eased the buying process. 

The new website is built keeping the navigation in mind. The template appears skillfully placed in all sections, giving a sneak peek at all the options. From contact to getting a quote, the site is easily accessible. The ‘search’ button is on all the pages, helping users find out what they are looking for. The site is linked to Facebook and LinkedIn, through which users can find more about the company and the services they offer.

The FAQs, guides, and blogs are helpful giving the audiences profound knowledge and information about a product. The glossary further clears out the standard terms used in international health insurance. With so much information on the site, the audiences can clearly understand the policies and why those are important. However, going through the brochure is always recommended.’s new website has dramatically improved in terms of navigation and presentation. . The redesign focuses on site a dual-tone color scheme, highlighting the products and services.

The company has strong credentials with the Better Business Bureau and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. It has earned many industry awards, including the “Leadership Award for Excellence in International Healthcare” at the Global Healthcare Congress. The team tries to deliver the best business and technology-rich experiences in the US and abroad. 

To learn more about the product and services, people can follow us on Facebook, interact on LinkedIn, and chat with us on WhatsApp. The contact information is present in this website.

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