Non US Citizen Health Insurance

Non US Citizen Health Insurance plans are designed to provide coverage for unexpected sicknesses or injuries that might arise during travel to a foreign country. Coverage is available for doctor visits, hospitalization, surgery, medical evacuation, and prescriptions.

Insurance for non-US citizens can be purchased for a minimum of 5 days to up to a maximum of 5 years. Most plans can be renewed after an initial purchase of 12 months. After the purchase of the insurance, foreigners are provided with an ID card as well as other insurance documentation to carry along with them. You can request for the documents to arrive by regular mail or express mail. The fastest option is to request online fulfillment so you can get an email confirmation of the ID cards immediately.

Non-citizen insurance can be used while traveling not only to the USA, China, Canada, or India but can be used in any part of the world as per the selected plan. These insurance plans offer coverage outside your country of citizenship or your home country.

Seek the assistance of a qualified insurance professional for trusted health insurance protection.