No Song and Dance About It: Group Travel Insurance

Gone are the days when people were only exposed to their own cultures. It is as common to see an African enjoying a western classical recital as it is to see an American enjoying a Bharatanatyam recital. The small, flat world has encouraged the exchange of not just currency, but also culture and the arts. Most of this is possible only because of artists traveling abroad from their home country.

These art groups usually have a packed schedule, especially on weekends, and they will do well to consider group medical insurance, to be protected for the duration of their trip. While the local hosts are more than welcoming, it is possible that the artists strain themselves due to constant travel, rehearsals, and performances.

Many of these artists are also interviewed by the local press. In such a tight schedule, the artists must plan accordingly and ensure adequate rest between performances. When that is not possible, it is best to at least try and ‘switch off’ for a while, since even a minor illness can balloon into something major when the group practices and performs.

Even if one member is sick, it might affect the performance of the whole group. Since it is always best to be safe rather than sorry, it is best to be insured with group travel medical insurance, which offers affordable cover for groups of travelers.