New Immigrant Health Insurance

New immigrants to the US are usually not eligible to purchase domestic health insurance in the US. Each state in the US has different eligibility criteria for applicants. Some states require continuous residence for 2 years and some offer insurance immediately. If domestic insurance is not available, you can purchase one of the several health insurance plans for new Immigrants to the US.

Your health is your most valuable resource, make sure it is protected. Health insurance protects you and your family by paying for healthcare costs. United States offers the most advanced treatments and medical facilities in the world. It is also extremely expensive. If you do not have health insurance you will have to pay for your treatments yourself. A single injury or sickness can wipe out your entire savings and push you deep into debt. Not paying your bills on time can ruin your credit history and jeopardize your job opportunities.

If you are planning on living in the US for a long period of time and will be travelling back and forth to your country of citizenship you may consider the Global health plans. They are designed for international travelers, teachers, missionaries and new immigrants. They are a comprehensive solution for people who need coverage around the world including their home country. These plans offer preventive care, coverage for pre existing conditions and maternity. Some benefits may have a waiting period. The plans can be renewed for the duration of your stay. Applicants must fill out a health questionnaire. Plans have guidelines and requirements that must be met before they are issued.

If you are looking for Short Term coverage and do not need coverage in your home country you can consider a Visitor medical Insurance plan. The Visitor Medical plans can cover doctor visits, prescriptions, hospital visits and surgery for sicknesses or injuries. The Visitor Medical Insurance plans do not cover pre existing conditions. Coverage can begin the next day and medical tests are not required.

The plan cost or premium will depend on: Your age, maximum coverage requested, deductible, type of coverage/benefits. Select a plan with the benefits you need. Whether you choose a short term Travel Medical Insurance plan or a long term Global Health plan understand the plan coverage, benefits and exclusions. Discuss your requirements with our licensed professional agents to find a solution that works for you.