Nearly one-fifth of emergency care patients are uninsured!

In the year 2006, nearly 120 million patients required emergency medical help. However, about one fifth of this population were not covered under any health insurance policy.

Two predominant types of people fell into this category – rural inhabitants and patients occupying the low-income strata of the society.

The economic situation and unemployment has forced many Americans to give the health insurance coverage a backseat. People do not take timely treatments for their illnesses due to unaffordable health care costs and finally end up in serious health complications requiring emergency intensive care. Hence, if the health care reform caters to providing affordable insurance with good benefits, patients may attend to health in a timely way and prevent illnesses from becoming an emergency.

Policymakers should hence give priority to improve the effectiveness, quality and safety of health care.With the rising costs in health care and expensive medical procedures, doctor consultation, surgery and treatments, it is mandatory for individuals to secure him through beneficial health insurance coverage for various emergency medical needs. Otherwise, they may incur expenses that could be unmanageable at a personal level leading to big-time debts.

In addition, the earning member should take care of insuring the whole family through a comprehensive family coverage medical insurance plan.