Nanny, Nanny, Which Insurance Should I Choose?

You have identified the perfect nanny,comparable to Maria of the Sound of Music, you think when she asks you about nanny health insurance. Will she be getting any? It can seem like a logical question, and something you need to be prepared for.

First things first: It is better to include health insurance as part of the benefits package of a nanny. Financial trouble when medical issues strike can be a disaster for you and the nanny. Also, remember that you can get some tax credit for money spent on insurance for an employee.

Remember that although the nanny may be like family, you will not be able to add her to your family insurance plan. There are two options when you purchase nanny health insurance: the short-term plan, and the long-term plan. It is important to figure out how long you expect the nanny to be under your employment before deciding on an appropriate health insurance plan.

Most people purchase the short-term nanny health insurance plan for a couple of terms (three to six months each) before moving on to long-term insurance, should the need arise. If the nanny seems like a good fit, and will stay on for longer, it might be time to take that extra step toward long-term insurance, which is typically more expensive than short-term health insurance.