Missionary Insurance Covers More than Missions!

Although the term missionary insurance is used more commonly to refer to insurance purchased by those traveling abroad for philanthropic work, the insurance can be utilized by a wide variety of people.

The basic eligibility for missionary insurance is that the applicant must be under 74 years of age and must plan to spend some time outside the United States. Theoretically, an international traveler might be able to purchase missionary insurance. However, the coverage provided by missionary insurance is usually tailored for typical mission-specific conditions, and will not work for the casual traveler.

Other groups of people who can utilize missionary insurance include those traveling for non-profit work, or those of other faiths traveling abroad for philanthropy. Remember that there are two kinds of missionary insurance: one with coverage outside and within the U.S., and another that is only for coverage abroad.

Most missionary plans offer good benefits that include physical and mental health benefits, with 100% coverage outside the U.S. (no co-pay). They also cover scheduled primary care office visits, and some plans offer maternity benefits after a certain period of continuous coverage, usually a year. So, if you’re going to do some good, consider it a mission!