Medical evacuation – a true incident

Medical Evacuation Insurance covers the expenses for providing immediate assistance and special medical transportation to insured in an accident or critical medical condition. Even tough such incidents are not frequent there are several true incidents.

Here is a recent case that has been reported of a tour leader in Mali. During the trip he suffered severe neck damage since he dived from a boat into a two foot section of a lake. He was transported in a pick-up truck from the accident site to the nearest place for medical assistance.

The place where he was moved to did not really have much amenities. The injured was placed on a wooden table because a suitable bed was not available. Medical supplies and trained help were absent and soon it appeared like he was loosing control of his limbs below his waist line.

Another tour group member called the helpline for assistance. The doctor gave a verbal diagnosis after hearing the situation and it was decided that this medical exigency case required an air ambulance evacuation. An air ambulance was sent as the situation became very urgent and the patient had to be handled properly.

Had the patient not been covered under a good medical evacuation insurance plan, he would have not been handicapped the rest of his life but also bear the $100,000 (or more) cost!