Marine Crew Insurance That Holds Water

If you’re a member of a marine crew, you might have heard of marine crew insurance. Your employer might provide you with a suitable plan, but it is always best to check whether you are adequately covered for your situation. Several yacht crew insurance and marine crew insurance plans are available in the market to choose from.

Marine crew insurance plans usually offer worldwide coverage, which includes coverage at home and abroad. Coverage depends on whether the medical treatment is received abroad, at home within the medical network specified by the plan, or at home outside the network specified by the plan.

Although the plan is structured like a short-term health insurance plan in many respects, the coverage is akin to an employer-sponsored plan. Most plans cover routine physician visits, preventative care for children and adults, outpatient and inpatient care, and emergency medical services.

Mental health care, prescription drugs, and dental care due to an accident are all covered. What’s not covered: pre-existing conditions, hospitalization solely for diagnostic purposes, most dental and eye care, self-inflicted injuries, cosmetic surgery, and any treatment not considered necessary.