Life on the Ocean Waves With Added Protection

Marine crew and yacht crew have enviable jobs when you consider the international travel, the exotic destinations and the clear blue seas?Ǫ But it’s not all sunshine and seaside fun. Crew work hard every day and are sometimes placed in dangerous situations. Crew members – and boat owners – need to consider health and travel insurance plans carefully. Marine crew insurance or yacht crew insurance is essential for life aboard ship.

Yacht crew insurance provides short term coverage to cover crew for medical expenses incurred on an ocean trip. This type of coverage is available for 12 months – renewable up to 36 months – and can begin immediately.

For marine crew who live abroad, or those that travel back to their home country between journeys, marine crew insurance provides a long term option. The long term health insurance plan covers a crew member for one year minimum and can be renewed annually.

Yacht crew insurance can be customized to meet the needs of the boat owner. Crews of all sizes can be covered with a group plan so there’s minimal hassle in organization. Check out the benefits of full crew cover with a personalized quote.